‘Writer’s Block’ Is More Than Just Staring At a Blank Page

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions blog that tells us ‘Writer’s Block’ Is More Than Just Staring At a Blank Page

Novelty Revisions

Hi there! I wrote this post six months ago and avoided publishing it because it was written in a tone and using some wording I’m not proud of. However, due to some personal issues, I don’t have a new post ready for you today. So I offer this to you this morning instead, in the hopes you can pick out the general intended message, and that we can all learn from this — that sometimes it’s OK to admit you didn’t do your best and you can and will do better tomorrow.

The classic picture of what too many people call “writer’s block” is simple. An aspiring writer, head full of ideas, sits down in front of their laptop and eagerly opens a blank document. They’re excited! They’re ready! This is The One! This is The Book that’s going to be read by millions!

But then they realize that in…

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