The Self-Righteous Character: Earning All the Eye-Rolling!

Check out this great post from Charles Yallowitz’s blog on the topic of The Self-Righteous Character: Earning All the Eye-Rolling!

Legends of Windemere

This is going to be another post that depends heavily on personal limits, standards, and perceptions.  A person may be self-righteous to one group while totally acceptable by another.  So, I’m going to try to avoid specifics here.  It’ll be a general overview of the character throughout the week.  Now, what is this type?

These are characters that act morally superior to others whether their ideals are unfounded or not.  They can be very judgmental, egotistical, and occasionally narcissistic towards the rest of the cast.  Many times, you will find this associated with religious paths, but that’s basically low-hanging fruit.  Nobility too.  The truth is that anyone can be used as a self-righteous character if they are written that way.  For example, a character who grew up poor can act this way because they feel they have suffered so much that their world view is the only true one.  People…

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