Jung’s Archetype: The Soul Quarter

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Legends of Windemere

Here we are with the next group, which are the archetypes that fall under the ‘Soul’ category.  These characters pursue fulfillment of the spirit and all have some sense-  of freedom within their core.  This may be physical, emotional, or mental freedom depending on the archetype.  As before, there is one per cardinal orientation that helps further define them.  Let’s check them out.

The Explorer

Motto– Don’t fence me in.

Being in the ‘Freedom’ orientation, the Explorer is one who sets out to evolve and discover themselves through adventure and activity.  It might not be crossing the Sahara or battling ogres, but they seek to build themselves through big experiences.  Characters under this archetype don’t always have a clear goal, so you can find them within the primary and secondary cast.  It can be a braver adventuring hero or a risk-taking partner.  You will see an exaggeration here in…

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