Guest Post: When a Fellowship Fails by Deby Fredericks #fantasy #adventure

Check out this Guest Post titled, When a Fellowship Fails, by Deby Fredericks posted on the Legends of Windemere blog.

Legends of Windemere

(A beig welcome to Deby Fredericks who is here to promote her newest book ‘Minstrels of Skatyhe II: Dancer in the Grove of Ghosts’.  Enjoy her essay on when groups fail in fantasy.)
Quest fantasies have been a staple of modern fantasy, right from the beginnings of the genre. J. R. R. Tolkein set this standard by introducing his readers to the Fellowship of the Ring who were dedicated to destroying the One Ring. Even since, readers have enjoyed watching a disparate group bond and grow stronger through a series of adventures.
But what if that bond never formed?
In my novella Dancer in the Grove of Ghosts, the wounded guardsman Cylass is snatched from the brink of death by a mage who hides her power by dancing with a troupe of minstrels. Their accidental alliance could save them both. Unfortunately, the alliance may prove impossible.
Skaythe is an upside-down…

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