Jung’s Archetypes: The Ego Quartet

Check out this interesting post from Charles Yallowitz’s blog with Jung’s Archetypes: The Ego Quartet

Legends of Windemere

You can see examples of each one in the above picture, which I’m going to attach to each of the posts.  This one is going to be about the 4 Ego Archetypes, which are Innocent, Everyman, Hero, and Caregiver.  As you can see each one is in a different cardinal section, which helps further divide them.  Now, I’m going to do my best to give my own take on this in terms of writing.  Will it be perfect?  No, but I’m hoping to get clear points across and help people in the character creation.

The Innocent

Motto– Free to be you and me.

The Innocent falls into the ‘Freedom’ cardinal, which is a desire for paradise.  These are characters that want safety and are scared of doing something wrong.  They might have a severe fear of punishment, but also a naivete that allows them to be led into unwittingly…

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