The Infamous Retelling of An Old Story (7 Tips!)

Check out this great post from Charles Yallowitz with The Infamous Retelling of An Old Story (7 Tips!)

Legends of Windemere

The meme is right, but I’m going to talk about retellings more than remakes.  Is there a difference?  At first glance, I thought there wasn’t.  Then I considered the nuances a bit more and realized it was subtle.  A remake/reboot is when an idea is totally overhauled almost to the point where it’s only related to the original by a few scraps.  These are left to retain the minimal level of connection for nostalgia purposes.  Retelling is when much of the original is kept, but is changed to suit the new narrative.  Perhaps the perspective is being done from the villain’s side or it changes the time period.  The audience can still identify many similarities while getting a sense of new.  Not an easy thing to pull off, so what are some thing to do?

That’s right . . . I’m going back to the post title and making this…

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