What is an Homage?

Check out this post from Charles Yallowitz’s blog on the topic of homage.

Legends of Windemere

The picture above really does answer the question, but you would be surprised how often people don’t consider the possibility of an homage.  It might not be a common phrase, especially in these days of reboots where it’s more likely to be a copy.  Still, it is a thing and one that I’ve had to consider because of the following:

On the left is the cover for the first ‘Castlevania’ video game.  On the left is the cover for my story Quest of the Brokenhearted.  I did research and talked with my cover artist about the concept of an homage.  The story is heavily inspired by those games and I wanted to do a tribute with the cover.  I asked what the limits were and we stuck to those, but I get someone calling me a copycat about twice a year.  People see the picture and jump right…

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