7 Tips to Blogging: You Would Think I’d Have a Category for These Things By Now

Check out this great post from Charles Yallowitz with 7 blogging tips

Legends of Windemere

I’m not going to talk about how to make money off your blog.  If I knew how to do that then I wouldn’t be where I am now.  This is all about how to enjoy and stretch your blog to the point of mild success.  Okay, tiny success . . . I make no promises.  With that being said:

  1. What works for one blogger, might not work for you.  This doesn’t mean to avoid things, but don’t get upset if you copy someone and it fails.  Maybe people notice you copied and compared it unfavorably to the original.  Perhaps you missed a few key points in the delivery or it doesn’t match up with your theme and style.  Never be afraid to put such post types down and only go back if you think you figured out the problem.  Although, you might want to return only a few times if…

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