Don’t Write ‘Perfect,’ Write Better

Good advice from this post on the Novelty Revisions blog Don’t Write ‘Perfect,’ Write Better

Meg Dowell Writes

Perfectionism is overrated.

You probably already know this. You probably know someone who sometimes focuses so much on doing things perfectly that they end up doing worse than they would have otherwise.

Maybe that person is you.

The problem with perfectionism in writing is that there is plenty of room for making mistakes, and not much for trying to avoid them. There is a difference between carefully combing through a finished piece for errors and avoiding writing at all because you’re afraid of “doing it wrong.”

But if you can’t write perfectly, what CAN you do?

You can aim to always do better.

One of many things successful writers have in common is that they are not afraid of imperfection. In fact, they almost deliberately seek it out.

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