A little about blog tours

Check out this great post from C.S. Boyack on the topic of blog tours from the Story Empire Blog.

Story Empire

As most of you know, we just finished up our Story Empire – Something Wicked, blog tour. This was a massive effort on our part, and many of you came along for the ride. Whether you followed in part, or made the whole route, we’re eternally grateful.

What some of you don’t know, is I made it a part of a longer tour for my story, Viral Blues. I published this one on Friday the 13th of September, for some extra juju. It has a Halloween theme, after all. Since that time, I’ve been all over the blog world with it.

Blog tours have always been a good sales tool for me, and this time was no different. I changed it up a bit, because I’m constantly experimenting. Normally, I wind up hitting two blogs per day for around two weeks. This generally works pretty well, but leaves my brain…

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