Unlocking the Secret of Dynamic Characters – From the Art of Narrative Blog

When I first noticed my hairline was receding I was still in college. Needless to say, my life ended that day. But I’ve soldiered on much like a zombie. Not fully dead, yet not really alive…

Do you ever wish you could change some aspect of your life? Anything at all, big or small? For me, the answer is obviously yes. I’d like a few of those follicles back. I bet you wouldn’t mind a little change either.  

As human beings, we’re always striving for something better. Good author’s know this, and they can hack into our desire and use it to enrich their stories. All with the simple power of dynamic characters!

What is a dynamic character?

B7W6MM  FILM Star wars

The first component of a dynamic character is complexity. They should resemble real people in their personality, lifestyle, and personal history. This is because dynamic characters will normally fill the role of the protagonist. In longer works, requiring many subplots, prominent secondary characters will be dynamic as well.

Readers are going to spend a lot of time with a story’s hero and that hero’s friends. These characters need to be complex and believable for that story to work. That said, let’s look at the next key aspect of a dynamic character.

They need to change and in a fundamental way over time.  

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