Serial Saturday: [Horror] A Snap of the Fingers #3

It’s time for Serial Saturday: A Snap of the Fingers #3 from this post on Steve Boseley’s blog.

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

Saturday again, and time for another dose of horror. Hopefully you’ve been following along with young SETH ROGERS who is in the hospital with his dad to visit his mum, dying of cancer. Last time, Seth couldn’t bare to look at his mum’s face, wasting away through her illness, and he ran off. Discovered in a room sometime later by a nurse, Seth has a conversation with him about his mum’s prognosis.

You can read part 1 HERE or the most recent part HERE. So now, on to today’s episode…

“You don’t know that!”Seth slid along the wall away from Red.“You’re not a doctor.”

“No, I’m not.You got that right, partner.”

Seth got to his feet.His parents had told him not to talk to strangers; this was a hospital, and this man had a uniform on, but he was definitely strange.He decided it was time to find his dad…

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