Write To Your Strengths

Check out this post from K.M. Allan’s blog that reminds us to Write To Your Strengths

K.M. Allan

When you’re a writer, you love writing. You’d have to or else you’d choose something else because even though you love it, writing is hard.

Creative. Fulfilling. Soul saving. But hard.

And as a writer, you discover writing a book isn’t all rewards of chocolate, days of café writing fueled by exotic coffee concoctions, or the natural high of finally coming up with the solution to a major plot twist. It’s weeks of being stuck on that plot twist, and days of being tied to your desk, working off a deadline.

Like life, it’s a mixed bag of good and not so good. But in working through that mixed bag, you discover your strengths and weaknesses, and knowing your strengths can help you with both.

Write To Your Strengths

Are you good at dialogue? Make it the star of your scenes. Work in conversations between characters wherever you can…

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