Do Your Children Love Polar Bears?

Do Your Children Love Polar Bears? If they do, check out the book Jessie the Precocious Polar Bear by Janice Spina as featured in this post from her blog.


Here is an adorable polar bear story that your children will love: Jesse the Precocious Polar Bear.

This story was dedicated to a little boy I met in Aruba back in 2014 by the name of Jesse. I met Jesse when I went swimming at the resort we stayed in Aruba. We started talking and I told him that I write children’s books. I then asked him what was his favorite animal. He replied that it was the polar bear. I then promised to write a story just for him about a polar bear named Jesse and bring it with me the following year. He was thrilled to receive it. He is much older now but shares this book with his two younger brothers.

As in all Jemsbooks for Children there are life lessons to be learned for young readers or those who do not yet read. In this book…

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