Four Ways Authors Can Create More by Doing Less

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How To Ebook

Authors can accomplish more with their book marketing by  working smarter and not harder with their content. Here I share four ways authors can apply this to their marketing to save time and see bigger results. Book marketing tips, book marketing strategies, authors, book promotions, author blogs, author blog content ideas, book publishing tips, book publishing, self publishing tips, book publishing strategies

My dear friend Wendy Lee has an amazing gift of going to a flee market, seeing something that would be perceived as worthless, and turning it into the most remarkable piece of art or piece of furniture.

It’s amazing! When she shows me one of her new creations I think, “Why didn’t I see that? Why didn’t I see the beauty or the functionality of that piece like she did?”

She’s able to take something that was intended for one use and turn it into something else. For example, she took an old fireplace mantel, refashioned it and turned it into a shelf that’s in her hallway.

Or she’s taken an old wood frame and turned it into an amazing mirror.

The truth is, doing things like this takes practice and awareness. Wendy Lee observes and educates herself. She makes herself aware.

And as crazy as it sounds, we can…

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