After The Garden Of Eden #stockphotochallenge

Geoff Lepard took a shot at the Stock Photo Challenge from a couple of weeks ago. Here is his entry from this post on his blog: After the Garden of Eden.


‘I hate that
bloody snake.’

‘What’s wrong,

‘You wouldn’t
understand. I’ll kill him though.’

Eve chased after
Adam and just managed to prevent him strangling the reptile. As Adam did his
double teapot pose, Eve tried to comfort the snake. ‘Come on boys, what’s going

The snake hissed,
his voice hoarse. ‘All I said was if he stood in that light he would be
possessed of Extra Terrestrials, only he misheard me.’

Adam glowered. ‘He
didn’t. He said I’d get extra testicles. Just a couple would be good.’

Eve goggled at Adam. ‘We’ve only been dating a week…’

This is in response to a new challenge for me over at Don Massenzio’s Blog here

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