Why I Talk About All the ‘Bad’ Parts About Writing

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Meg Dowell Writes

Being a writer is an absolute blast.

My job allows me to constantly expand my comfort zone and learn new things. I am free to pour creative energy out of my soul pretty much whenever I please and both me and my readers benefit simultaneously. I get to interact with people who get where I’m coming from and people who don’t. And so much more.

It is truly a dream come true.

Some days, it is also a pretty crappy job.

Writers typically work for far less than they’re worth, even the more experienced ones. Surrounding themselves with non-writers often makes it extremely difficult to stay focused and productive. They aren’t always treated very nicely, especially online, especially if they are female. (Someday I will tell you the story about a client who did half my job for me because I “probably didn’t know anything about sports.”)

Writing is a…

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