The Pup That Nearly Wasn’t

Check out this great post from Annette Rochelle Aben with her entry in the 2019 Blogger’s Bash Blog Post Contest.

Annette Rochelle Aben

  “Can we keep him, mom?”

Of course, they had already been told that ALL five of the puppies would have to find homes. They would keep Lady, the momma dog, but not the pups. But the pup they wanted to keep was no ordinary dog, he was Fatso Fogarty, the pup that nearly wasn’t.

Only two months earlier, Lady, heavy with a load of unborn pups, gave birth while the family was on vacation at the lake. The little family of five, watched wide-eyed as the miracle of birth played out in a cardboard box lined with newspaper and old towels. Four pups, cleaned off by Lady, snuggled in a heap, next to her warm body. Everyone basked in the glow of puppy love for a few minutes before getting on with their own evening. Heck, they hadn’t even had the chance to unpack their suit cases before…

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