The History of Mab and Clyde

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Legends of Windemere

Selene and David from Underworld

War of Nytefall: Rivalry will be a major turning point in the relationship of Mab and Clyde.  I feel confident in saying this because anyone who read the first book or stuff about them on this blog knows how they interact.  There’s a friendly, playful tension that stems from their long history and former romance.  It’s clear that there are still some emotions there, but I’ll get into that another day.  This post is about the history and origin of the ‘Mab/Clyde’ relationship.

I talked about Mab and Clyde in their own origin posts way back in February of 2018.  I mentioned that they were characters used by me (Clyde) and another player (Mab), which rolled into an odd history.  We didn’t exactly plan it before the session started, but we began arguing about old heists and bad dates.  Just bringing up childish slights at…

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