Writing The Ending

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Uninspired Writers

The End. All stories work towards those two words, whether they are physically written to mark your success at a finished draft, or simply sung aloud in your mind. But writing an ending can be a really tricky task, with a huge pressure to get it right.

If you’re writing a book and thinking about the ending, consider some of the points below.

Make Sure It’s Satisfying
A satisfying ending, let me clarify, is not necessarily a happy ending. A satisfying ending should meet readers’ expectations for the genre. For example, a thriller/mystery without a twist would fall short, as would a romance novel that doesn’t end with…well…romance! There are also many ways for an ending to be satisfying; because the main character got what they wanted, because the twist was so unexpected it took the reader’s breath away or even because it was so bittersweet or sad that it’ll…

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