Scrivener Split-Screen Magic – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

By Gwen Hernandez

Many Scrivener users aren’t familiar with the split screen feature, and if they are, they don’t realize its potential.

Introducing Split Screen

The Split Screen feature allows you to, well, split your screen. You can divide the single Editor pane into two panes, either horizontally or vertically.

Here are a few ways to use it:

  • View the end of the previous scene while working on the opening of the next one.
  • View another part of the current document while working on it.
  • Compare two versions of a scene, either in Snapshots (Mac only for now), or if you saved the previous version in a separate document.
  • Copy text from the same or another document without losing your place.
  • Refer to research files or photos while you write.
  • View your manuscript’s structure in the Corkboard or Outliner in one pane, while you write in the other.

In my experience, the main source of confusion with Split Screen is that, initially, both panes display the same document (see images below). That can be handy for referring back to an earlier point.

Read the rest of this post HERE.

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