Meet Guest Author, Tineke Peeters…

Meet Guest Author, Tineke Peeters from this post on The Story Reading Ape Blog.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Hi everyone, my name is Tineke and I am an author. No really, an honest to God author. What makes an author? Writing. Writing anything that makes slightly sense and you are a writer. In my book, a writer and author are the same thing. According to some you need to be published to be an author.

Now I am published. Am I a writer or an author? Both!

I love animals and have been taking care of them for as long as I can remember. From hedgehogs to all sorts of birds. Kittens that were dropped off in a box somewhere ended up in our house when I was young. Thanks to me mostly.

At a certain point in my 36 years, I decided I wanted to take care of wild animals and ended up studying Biological science in England. Due to the stress of such a course, I…

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