Courting the Storm: Creating Space for Extraordinary Change – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

By Tex Thompson

Striving scriveners. Intrepid introverts. Fellow fearless fictioneers. I am so honored to write for Writers in the Storm today. I’ve recently enjoyed a ridiculous near-death experience that I think may help you make a serious, profound change(in your life or in your work) … and funnily enough, it involves actual writers in an actual storm.

The event we call Writers in the Field came from a simple idea: a thirteen-acre, mostly-outdoor annual weekend experience where writers can actually make, use, handle, and DO the things they’re writing about. We shoot bows and arrows, work mock crime scenes, handle horses, study ballistics and poisons, try on period garments and armor – the whole nine yards.

Read the rest of this post HERE.

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