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Check out these podcasts for readers from this post on the Reade and Write blog.

Reade and Write

photo courtesy of stokpic, pixabay

Have you ever tried reading and exercising at the same time?

It’s not easy.

I’ve tried reading books on the treadmill and the spin bike, and I usually end up putting on music or turning on the television because either the book or the Kindle falls on the floor or the sweat in my eyes prevents me from seeing anything. I have to do something or I’ll get bored.

Recently I’ve turned to podcasts. If you’ve heard any good podcasts recently, you know they’re great for those times when you want to be engaged, entertained, and hands-free.

I thought I’d compile a short list of some of the podcasts I’ve enjoyed. Give them a try next time you’re using your headphones or driving (not all cars will have that capability, though) and by all means, share your favorites in the comments below!

1.  Mystery Rat’s…

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