Meet Guest Author, Jacqui Murray…

Meet guest author, Jacqui Murray from this post on The Story Reading Ape blog.

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I Have a Confession: I’m a Whale Reader

You may be familiar with the term ‘whales’ (not the mammal). These are people who gamble a lot with the potential thousands—millions—and/or bring in business. Casinos fight over them. They’ll comp their stays and food and treat them like royalty, all for the chance to have these super-sized gamblers bring the casino enormous profits.

That’s me, but I’m not a whale gambler.

I’m a whale reader.

What’s a Whale Reader?

People who love books are called bibliophiles but those who read a ton of books–far more than the average person–are called whale readers. For example, I read 222 books last year, not the most read by anyone on theGoodreads Challengebut more than 90% of those who registered. That’s about four a week. The year before, I read 219 and 200 the year before that.  In my defense, part of the…

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