How Authors Must Stick Out To Garner Media Coverage – From the Book Marketing Buzz Blog

A recent viewing of an old Twilight Zone episode reminds me that authors need to promote their uniqueness – rather than try to sound like every other author.

The television episode in question was one about beauty and how we all should look beautiful.  Everyone, upon turning 18, can get a face and body lift, choosing from a number of models.  A young lady doesn’t want to look like everyone else, even if it means she remains with average looks.  But society forces her into it and out pops another beautiful woman.  But is she really beautiful if she looks like everyone else?
Authors must make sure they don’t start wearing Michael Jackson’s nose, Jennifer Aniston’s hair, and Kim Kardashian’s ass, meaning they will have to take a personalized, unique, targeted approach for their marketing, publicity, and branding.  One needs to stick out – not blend in – when it comes to books.

One reason the media has trouble deciphering who to interview, review, or feature is that they can’t distinguish between books that look alike and authors that sound alike.  Writers, deep down, are unique and individualistic, and that must be called upon when doing a dance for the media.

When the media focuses on one story angle, you must highlight another aspect, even going contrarian.  You need to voice a new viewpoint or state an old one in a new way.  The media wants substance and personality.  They want what’s new, different, controversial – or that appeals to others – sex, politics, religion, celebrity, money, death, crime, celebration.

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