Celebrating Indie Publishing with @JeffZycinski & @LunicornLtd

Check out this post from The Quiet Knitter blog celebrating indie publishing with Jeff Zycinsk

The Quiet Knitter

I am thrilled to welcome you to another Celebrating Indie Publishing spot on The Quiet Knitter blog and share a review of a book that intrigued me and entertained me in equal measure! Today’s book in the spotlight is The Red Light Zone by Jeff Zycinski, an affectionate, humorous account of inside life at the BBC.

  • Title: The Red Light Zone: An Insider’s ‘Laugh ‘n’ Tell’ of BBC Radio
  • Author: Jeff Zycinski
  • Publisher: The Lunicorn Press
  • Publication Date: 24th January 2019

Early copy received from publisher for review purposes.


Stop! Danger! Sex for sale! A red light can signify any one of those, but in a radio station it means a microphone has gone live: the walls may be soundproof, but in studio space, everyone can hear you scream … or sneeze.

For twenty-five years, Jeff Zycinski worked for BBC Radio and became the longest-serving boss of Radio Scotland…

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