Markets For Writers

Check out this market for writers as featured in this post from Esther Chilton’s blog.


Mslexia are currently looking for poems, stories and scripts on the theme of clothes.

Here’s what they have to say on the subject:

‘We look for stories of up to 2,200 words, poems of up to 40 lines, and short scripts (for theatre, radio or film) of up to 1,000 words (including character names and stage instructions).

‘Send us stories, poems and scripts on the theme of clothes. Uniforms; costumes; the clothes maketh the woman; the clothes of the future versus the clothes of the past; why wearing clothes is the best; why not wearing clothes is even better; the material, the sewing; throwing away that favourite jacket… stitch together your best work and sent it to us by 11 March 2019 to be considered for publication in Issue 82’.

To find out more, please visit the themed writing page.


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