How to prevent your well from running dry

Check out this post from Jean’s Writing Blog that tells us How to prevent your well from running dry

Jean's Writing

And keep new and fresh ideas bubbling to the surface.

So many times, more than I like to admit, my well of ideas dries up like a desert. But, then when I least expect it, BLAM, a new one hits me upside the head.Jean Cogdell Bitmoji image hit with rake in head

For instance, at dinner the other night a friend shared how much her grandson loved my book, A Reluctant Little Prince. She explained which character he loved the most and why. As I lay in bed that night, savoring her wonderful compliments, BAM, a new children’s book clobbered me.

But we can’t always wait for divine inspiration. There are way too many dry spells in between.

Neil Gaiman quote about writing your story

So, how do we keep the ideas flowing?

Thanks goes to Now Novelfor a few terrific suggestions on how to keep the well of ideas overflowing…

Book ideas: 12 inspiring sources

Here’s the cliff note of what…

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