Bite Size Writing Tips

Check out the latest bite-size writing tip from this post on Esther Chilton’s blog.


Researching your market – analyse the publication as a whole

might buy a magazine to analyse because you have an idea for an article but
don’t just analyse the articles. It’s a good idea to study the whole of the
magazine. This will give you an idea of the readership of the publication and
whether your article will suit its readers. Analysing the vocabulary used will
help you to tailor your article to fit in with the style of the publication.
Additionally, you may find other slots which invite work from writers which you
were unaware of and can now also target.

As well as taking note of the lengths of the sentences used, check the lengths of the paragraphs. When you send your work out, it’s on A4 size paper. Your paragraphs may look short on a page that size but imagine them in a newspaper or magazine…

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