My Blogging Strategy – Part 2

This is a second installment in my series on my blogging strategy. As I relay the things that I’ve learned and that seem to work for me over the past five years that I’ve been blogging, it’s important to note that I’m not an expert and that my blogging process is a continuing series of trial and error.

My first post on this topic talked about how I’ve evolved my usage of blogging statistics over time. If you want to check it out, you can find it HERE.

In this post, I’m going to dig into my reading schedule and how I select posts from other bloggers to be shared.

Daily Review of Posts:

I currently follow 120 blogging sites. (118 if I remove my own two sites). This sounds like a lot but, as I review posts daily, not every site posts every day. This results in about 35-40 blogging sites that I check out every morning on Monday through Saturday.

Initially, I had my notifications set up to email me any time a new post appeared on one of these blogs. That made review very difficult and sporadic. I learned to receive a daily email summarizing the posts from the previous day for each blog. For those of you that haven’t done this and want to manage your blog post reading in this way, it’s easy.

From your reader tab in WordPress, select the Manage button and you’ll see a list of the blogs you follow. Just click on the settings link for the blog you want to adjust and select ‘Daily’ under ‘Email me new posts’ as shown below:

This will result in you receiving a summarized email for each blog that you follow early each morning.

Every day I look forward to grabbing a cup of coffee and settling in to read what my fellow bloggers have to say.

I change up my schedule when I’m home vs. being on the road for work. When I’m on the road, I review every blog that is summarized in my inbox. Posts, at a minimum, get a like. Some posts, if they fall into three categories, might get a reblog from me on one of my two sites.

When I’m home, I review about half of the summarized blog posts when I first get to my home office in the morning. Then, about 3-4 hours later, I review the rest. This breaks up the reading for me and also prevents my followers from getting bombarded by a bunch of my reblogged posts all at once. I don’t have the luxury to do this when I’m working at a client site for 12-14 hours each day when I’m on the road.

Posts that have useful information for fellow authors or bloggers will get a reblog on my author site ( Posts with announcements on upcoming work, excerpts from new books, author interviews and things like short stories also are reblogged on my author site.

Book reviews and featured books are posted on my Publishing Company site (

There are a few sites that I follow that are either outside of WordPress or don’t have a reblog link that consistently provide valuable information. For these sites, I will create a new post and credit them in the heading of the post with a partial copy and paste of the post with a link to the original blog. An example is shown blow:

I hope you’re finding this series useful. My next post will talk about my posting schedule which has evolved, and continues to evolve, a great deal over the past five years.

Please share some of your best practices in reading and posting so that we can all learn to be better bloggers.

20 thoughts on “My Blogging Strategy – Part 2

  1. I’m glad you’re bringing up the topic of managing one’s blog roll. There’s never enough time to read it all, is there? And I think having a strategy for keeping up with one’s blog list is important.

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  3. This is really interesting, Don. I’m not a techno person and I find that I get intimidated if I try to get too ‘fancy’ in setting things up (as in, I just stop!). So I use the week first to answer all comments in my weekly Friday blog posts, then I visit every person who comments on my blogs. Then I go to my reader and check on blog posts that catch my interest, as well as those that are e-mailed to me. To be truthful, I’m less likely to read blogs about ‘how to write,’ since I’m more interested in reading and enjoying (and learning from) the fascinating non-fiction and fictional stories of others.

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  4. I’ve seen so many bloggers feel guilty because they can’t keep up with reading and commenting on all the blogs they follow. I can remember being in that boat. Then I told myself that it was impossible to read and comment on every single post. Nobody can do it.

    I always respond to comments left on my blog first and then tend to write in the morning, and read and comment on blog posts in the afternoon (but only if I’ve finished writing). Reading and commenting on other blogs gives me a break I often need while writing.

    I’m glad you got a schedule of how you handle reading and commenting on the blogs you follow, Don. I found that once I had a schedule in place, I started to enjoy blogging again. By sharing what works for you will certainly help others who find themselves in the dilemma of not knowing how to handle the pressure of keeping up with the blogs they follow.

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