Go Big or Go Nowhere

Check out this post from the Novelty Revisions Blog that tells us to Go Big or Go Nowhere

Meg Dowell

Have you ever had a really big idea? An idea so big that the more you thought about making it happen, the more excited — and terrified — you became?

Ideas are abstract in the sense that we can’t measure them by weight or mass or density. You can’t put an idea on a scale and judge its worth or put a price tag on it based on the numbers it spits out.

But ideas are emotionally charged. Often times, you can tell whether or not something is worth chancing just by the way it makes you feel.

Of course, sometimes we act based on how we feel and it completely backfires, in the most extreme of cases. Sometimes we just try something out to see what might happen and eventually we lose interest and the thing we were once so excited to start gradually fades into oblivion, never to…

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