Street Teams?

Check out this post from Stevie Turner’s blog on the topic of street teams.

Stevie Turner

I was very interested to read Anne R. Allen’s blog entitled ‘Should Writers Worry if They Don’t Have Superfans?

Like Anne, I don’t think these ‘street teams’ are all they are cracked up to be.  I once was invited to join a street team, which was the main reason why I signed up with my then publisher.  However, the ‘street team’ consisted of authors constantly spamming their own books.  I became disillusioned very quickly and left, realising that nobody was going to help promote my books but me!

Street teams, if in fact there are any genuine ones, need to consist of readers not authors, as quite rightly, authors are more interested in getting their own books sold.  Fair enough, and probably any authors in the street team are too busy writing and editing and are not going to be particularly bothered about buying and reading somebody else’s book.


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