It’s all in the Point of View

Check out this post from Jessica Bakkers Blog that tells us It’s all in the Point of View

Jessica Bakkers

Dear esteemed writerly fellows, I have a POV question!

I’m in the process of outlining The Armageddon Showdown Book II (yes, and still editing Book I), and am trying to decide which POV to use.

Book I was third-person limited, which worked quite well, however I am toying with third-person multiple (albeit limited to two characters), for Book II.

My questions are as follows:

  • In a series, should you (or have you) followed the same POV format as in previous books in the series? *Note: the character who provided the third-person limited POV in Book I will not be appearing in Book II, so I’m forced to use a new character’s POV regardless.

  • Is it worth writing third-person multiple POV throughout the entire book because of two scenes that I’d really like to play out through the eyes of a particular character? Don’t get me wrong, I will give…

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