Holding On – Stock Photo Challenge

Check out this entry for my Stock Photo Challenge from Jo Hawk’s blog

Jo Hawk

Title: Holding On
Source:  Stock Photo Challenge
Word count: 100 words

young man and woman walking with sunset

Daniel’s wrinkled hands shook as he held the photo of his most cherished memory.

They met in a sandbox. He had pulled her pigtails and made her cry. He immediately regretted it and swore no one would hurt her again.  He kept his word, protected her. They were inseparable and became high school sweethearts. Everyone knew they would marry.

Daniel suspected something, hoping they were pregnant. But life was cruel. The doctors shook their heads. He was strong, taking care of her until she slipped away. She took his life, his heart. Keeping them safe while he waited for today.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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