Author Interview: Eileen Sharp

Check out this interview with Author Eileen Sharp as featured in this post from the No Wasted Ink Blog.

No Wasted Ink

Author Eileen Sharp is a writer of inspiring fantasy who gets to the heart of what makes magic so appealing–the idea that we are extraordinary in some way, waiting to be discovered. Please welcome her to No Wasted Ink.

Author Eileen SharpA well-known psychology professor once said that creative people find their identities later than anyone else. Growing up I lived on both the east and west coasts so I developed a love for moving on and going to new places. It’s not escape exactly, maybe the cousin to escapism. I just really love the feeling that I’m opening a new chapter. After high school, I studied Journalism in college but decided to devote myself to my growing family after I got married. It was a good investment! My children are my best friends now and my grandchildren are these wonderous, funny beings that light my world.

After struggling so much to…

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