10 Reasons Why Authors Should Stay INDEPENDENT

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog with 10 Reasons Why Authors Should Stay INDEPENDENT

How To Ebook


What would you think if a business sells their products only through one retailer? Economic suicide! Isn’t it? Why sell books only to one company? And it is not even selling, it is a kind of consignment… as they don’t pay you upfront, only when your book is sold, will you get money!

Authors would be wise to sell their books not only through Amazon but as well on Barnes & Noble, Apple and especially Kobo and other online book retailer websites, to have their “eggs in more than one basket”.  Either directly or with the help of one or more international distributors – who also can distribute it to libraries and the independent bookstores.

If you go the indie route and choose for example the POD services and worldwide distribution through Draft2DigitalIngramSpark

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