‘I’ll Just Write On the Plane’ and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Meg Dowell Writes

I recently took a short weekend trip to visit my significant other. This trip involved two flights, which — as you know if you’ve flown recently — involves a lot of sitting and waiting.

I very much wanted to enjoy a stress-free, work-free Valentine’s Day weekend (wouldn’t you?). But the thought of not writing anything — with some pretty major writing goals hanging over my head — bothered me.

So I made myself a promise: Write at the airport. Write on the plane. That’s a decent amount of time without having to disrupt your mini vacation. You got this.

Yeah, I totally had it. Until I didn’t.

I’m a pretty nervous traveler, especially when making a trip alone. So instead of writing while waiting at my gate on the way there, I sat, anxiously scrolling through Twitter, checking the time every five minutes.

That’s fine, I decided. As long as…

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