Who’s Your Favourite Blogger?

Check out this post from Hugh’s Views and News blog that asks the question: Who’s your favorite blogger?

Hugh's Views & News  

We all have our favourite blogs and bloggers, don’t we? But how often do we shout about who they are to each other?

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Of course, leaving them thoughtful comments on their blog posts, or sharing their posts on social media, are just a few ways we can reveal who our favourite blogs and bloggers are, but there’s also another way to tell the world who they are.

Once a year, you can support your favourite blogs and bloggers by nominating them for an award at the Annual Bloggers Bash. Not sure what the Annual Bloggers Bash is? Click here for full details.

This year, the Bloggers Bash is celebrating its fifth year, and one of the highlights of the event are the Bloggers Bash Awards. There are ten awards up for grabs including Best Book Blog, Best Photography Blog, Best Writing/Blogging Blog, to name but a few…

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7 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favourite Blogger?

  1. Dean Wesley Smith (hisname.com), hands down. If it weren’t for Dean, I wouldn’t be the prolific professional I am today, period. And second, the KillZone blog. Some good advice there most days. And I share favorite bloggers pretty much every day in my Daily Journal at hestanbrough.com.

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  2. Hmm. I tried to nominate as follows, but there was no button to “post” the nomination.

    Dean Wesley Smith, dean@deanwesleycmith.com, https://deanwesleysmith.com, Best Blogging / Writing Blog

    Then I tried to use the contact form at https://annualbloggersbash.com/contact/ but again, there was no “Send” button. I finally left a comment on Hugh’s site explaining all of the above in hopes of making a nomination. (grin)

    Now back to my WIP, which I hope to finish today.

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