Fantasy Armies: Popular Tools of the Trade

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Legends of Windemere

Chronicles of Narnia

This theme is probably going to be very similar to the City Guards week from December, but that isn’t surprising.  Guards and soldiers get used interchangeably in a lot of fiction because they are part of the setting.  The nameless warriors who are there to either be in the background, push the heroes to the next plot point, or be taken out in a scene to show how powerful/evil the villain is.  Yet, there is one subtle difference between the two that drives me to do a week for the military characters.  So, what am I talking about?

That would be location.  City guards are in the city and that’s where they tend to stay.  It’s in the name and they are closer to police than soldiers at times.  While still working for the same kingdom, soldiers are more prone to traveling away from the city.  They…

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