Photography 101: Not What but How You See

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Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photography is not what you see but how you see. As photographers we sometimes lose sight of that truism. I am fortunate that I get to visit many exotic locations that others can only dream of—but to others your location might be exotic.

Exotic could easily be a synonym for different—anything different can seem to be exotic. Locals often catch me photographing old doors, windows, padlocks and even park benches. They think I’m nuts, and maybe I am, but it’s all exotic to me.

So it’s not the destination or even the gear we shoot with that makes good photography, it’s our vision—the way we view the world around us. Exotic (different) locations and the latest gear can serve to inspire our photography but they’re not the keys to great photography. Great photography is a derivative of creative vision, education, experience, and persistence. Do you want…

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