Is it time to give up on Amazon Associates? #WriterWednesday #AmazonAssociates #Amazon #BookMarketing

Check out this post from D.E. Haggerty’s blog that asks if it’s time to give up on Amazon Associates

D.E. Haggerty

Last week, I discussed why Amazon Associates is not the end all be all for writers (see the blog here). Considering the problems I discussed, why would a writer stick with the program? Despite not being able to track pages read under the Kindle Unlimited program, you can track purchases. This is definitely helpful, especially for those markets where KU is less popular. But that’s not the only reason I stayed in the program. I also stayed for the money. Let’s be clear. I wasn’t making tons of money, but earning one to two dollars a day for essentially doing nothing is pretty awesome. I even had three-dollar days. That’s nearly a thousand dollars at the end of the year for basically filling in a few links. Where do I sign up? Hold up. It’s not that easy. Nope. Amazon can’t make anything easy.

amazon associates 3 This disclaimer is now ‘proudly’…

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