10 Secrets to Being Less Overwhelmed With Book Marketing

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How To Ebook

We can learn so much from one another.

Being an author often means we sit at our desk for hours on end, living in our imaginary worlds, creating conversations, and listening to the voices in our heads. It’s an isolating occupation!

But when we get out into the real world and interact with others, it can be glorious.

I recently had the privilege of talking to a group of authors during a five-day conference in the mountains of North Carolina. I love getting to meet authors face-to-face and spend quality time with them.

One of my favorite things to see at conferences is an author’s “aha moment” – that moment where they discover the answer to a problem or they learn something that will make their life so much easier.

I love to share those “aha moments” because it shows that you aren’t alone. You know there is someone else…

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