Creating Eye-catching Ads for Your Books

Check out this great post from The Write Stuff blog on Creating Eye-catching Ads for Your Books

The Write Stuff

In my quest to conquer online marketing this year, I’ve been looking for ways to create easy, FAST images for various platforms–BookBub, BookGorilla & the like, Facebook Ads, Twitter posts, headers for various sites, etc. With the thought in mind that some of you might like easier ways to do this, too, I am sharing my latest find. Here is an article about creating perfect BookBub ads, with links to a great online site called BookBrush. It’s affordable, easy, and best of all, FAST to create nice looking designs with 3-D images of your book covers (using their selection of templates).

How To Create Eye-Catching BookBub Ads

Now, I’ve done a lot of graphics over the years using PaintShopPro (a more affordable “version” of PhotoShop), but even though I’m very familiar with it, BookBrush is worth using just for the terrific selection of templates available. You can upload your cover…

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2 thoughts on “Creating Eye-catching Ads for Your Books

  1. Thanks for passing this along, Don. Hope your followers (and YOU) find it as useful as I do. I’m really enjoying all the options at my fingertips on this site. It’s amazing what you can do in just a few minutes! 🙂

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