Amazon Advertising

Check out Stevie Turner’s experience with an Amazon Ad campaign from this post on her blog.

Stevie Turner

I ran an Amazon advertising campaign for ‘A House Without Windows’ for just one week from 1st – 8th February.  It’s the first time I’ve done something like this, and I wanted to see what happened.  I used the ‘Sponsored Products’ version, and had a daily budget of $5.  I found this type suited my budget rather than the ‘Lockscreen Ads’, because for this one you need a minimum budget of $100.

I’d already had 975 free downloads of the book in January, 2 paid sales and over 1000 pages read on KU, and so wanted to carry on the interest.  Over the duration of my campaign I had 1 sale and 3400 pages read for the princely sum of 15 cents!  The advert was displayed 20 times, and during that time I also had another 3 sales which weren’t anything to do with the advert,  and also 2x 5…

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