The Empty Coffee Cup to the Left of My Keyboard

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Meg Dowell Writes

When I look to my left, sitting on top of my desk is an empty mug that about an hour ago held about eight ounces of peppermint mocha flavored coffee.

Ever so slightly distracted by this, I check the time. Check my text messages, glance at my email and my Twitter feed and my Facebook notifications. I realize it is getting late. I should take the dog out. I should clean the dishes. I should give my mind a rest.

But one glance back at my computer screen reminds me that when I stopped to glance at my coffee cup, I originally did so because I’d been trying to think of a word. You know — that word that’s just on the tip of your tongue that would fit perfectly right in this spot, but it just isn’t coming to you.

It comes to me. And I realize I was…

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