Are You A Dirty Genre Hopper?

Check out this post from Allison Maruska’s blog that asks: Are You A Dirty Genre Hopper?

Allison Maruska

When you’re choosing a new book to read, what genres do you find yourself exploring? Do you stick primarily to one, or do you branch out?

I encountered the titled question in the newsletter of my friend and fellow author, Al Macy, and my first thought was I hadn’t considered genre hopping “dirty” before. I do tend to get cozy in my few favorites, and to be honest, there are some genres I hadn’t read before becoming a writer and reading them for other writers.

But have you considered how many genres there are?


This isn’t even all of them. That graphic came from this article on Writer’s Write, which lists 17 popular genres, many being “sub-genres”. Included on the list are Young Adult and New Adult, which I don’t think are genres as much as targeted age groups (you can have a Young Adult historical fantasy, for example).


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