The Things You Realise When Writing Your Second Novel

Check out this excellent post from the Uninspired Writers Blog with The Things You Realize When Writing Your Second Novel

Uninspired Writers

Writing is a journey, and each project you work on is its own adventure. Deciding to write a novel is a huge choice, and when done it’s a huge accomplishment. You learn so much…and before you know it, it’s over and it’s time to write another one. These are some of the things I realised when writing novel two.

1. Finishing a project is so important
Writers will start many projects. And they’ll leave many unfinished. Finishing a novel is so important though. You know it at the time, but you realise it even more once you start writing the second novel. You have a clearer sense of the process, a better idea of what to expect and how many edits you’ll need to make. Finishing projects is the only way to ensure you practice every part of the journey, leaving you better equipped for each new novel you write.

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