How to Calendarize Your Book Marketing Approach

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog that tells us How to Calendarize Your Book Marketing Approach

How To Ebook


Whether you’re traditionally or self-published marketing your book, is difficult. Here’s what I know for sure, as Oprah says. You have to start promoting your book as early as possible, and you can’t stop after it’s published. How do I know? I’ve published work in every genre except screenplays—and I’ve made all the mistakes!

Here are some ideas to get you started—but use your own imagination to reach your audience “where they live.” Think outside the box! One of the best marketing tools I’ve seen was for I Love Men In Tasseled Loafers. Author Debbie Karpowicz created chocolate tasseled loafers, as swag for the launch party. She sold more books that night than some people sell in their lifetime, and I’ve never forgotten the title of her book.

AS SOON AS YOU KNOW your book’s release date

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