Writing the Humanoid Monster Protagonist

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Legends of Windemere

Herman Munster

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before to some extent, but I couldn’t find any posts on the topic.  Regardless, I keep running into the same obstacle when talking to some people about War of Nytefall.  They hear that the characters are vampires and respond as if Clyde and his friends are running around slaughtering everyone.  Cassidy and Lloyd Tenay of Derailing Bedlam are actually more violent than the Dawn Fangs.  Still, people here the word ‘monster’ or a monster species then jump to conclusions.  It gets frustrating too when you’re bombarded by questions like:

  • So, who is the human that they are fighting?  Uh, there isn’t one.
  • Everyone is a bad guy?  No.  There are good and evil vampires here.
  • Will a hero appear to kill them all?  Kind of like that first question.
  • There’s nobody to root for.  Not a question, but you’re obviously…

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1 thought on “Writing the Humanoid Monster Protagonist

  1. Interesting. Give a glimpse into a world where we can examine our motives. Of course most of the monster I’ve dealt with are very human. if there is such a thing as Vampires, Werewolves, and etc, I’d be worried if I were them.

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